Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Year, New Release – Say Hello to SpaBooker 7.0!

GramercyOne’s Booker platform has just undergone its latest update and we’re excited to let you know about some of the great new additions and improvements. Don’t forget that every time we release a new version of our platform, if you’re a client, you receive it automatically. That’s the beauty of cloud-based software – we make the changes and they appear right before your eyes. Please don’t forget that with every release, we have comprehensive release notes that link to videos and supporting documentation. 

So, what’s new in 7.0?
  • Print Product Barcodes – now you can easily print barcode and inventory labels directly from within the product and inventory section.
  • Flexible Packages – Ever need to substitute a service for something else in a package? Well now you can do it easily. Administrators can choose which services can be substituted.
  • Live chat for support – This is a great new way for you to get support directly from your Booker system. A link to the new live chat functionality has been added to the help and support menu.
Those are three great reasons to love our new 7.0 version, but there are hundreds of other smaller changes that were made to improve the speed and functionality of the system.

And, perhaps most exciting of all, look for our new mobile business functionality (including reservations and payment) to launch in the middle of the month for Apple iPhone, iTouch, Android and some Blackberry devices!

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