Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The SpaBooker Office Environment

We frequently receive comments from customers that generally go something like this:
“Dear X,

I just wanted to write a quick email thanking the training and support team for all of your hard work getting us up to speed. Everyone I spoke to was kind, thoughtful and really sounded like they enjoyed their job.

Thank you again!

Client X”
One of the big reasons our clients get such great service is that the person who manages our support and training teams cares about his employees.  Well, today is his birthday, and check out what his team did for him. Happy birthday Dan!

Looking for a new job working with great people on fun and challenging problems? We're hiring.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Global Spa Summit Report

Photo by Daniel Lizio-Katzen, all rights reserved
With clients on six continents and in over 30 countries around the world, SpaBooker has a truly global footprint. Since one of our goals is to continue to expand into new markets, we jump at the chance to participate in events like the Global Spa Summit.  The 2010 summit took place in Istanbul, Turkey; an amazing city that straddles two continents and has thousands of years of history – including the ancient wellness tradition that brought us Hammams.

The Global Spa Summit’s topic this year was Bridges Worth Building (which was particularly apropos with the backdrop of the bridges over the Bosphorus Strait), and bridges were certainly built with topics ranging from how to improve retail attachment to the very latest in mapping the social graph.  With keynotes by visionaries like Philippe Bourguignon, Dr. Howard Murad, Edie Weiner and many others, every session brought new insights and information.  Saying that, if we had to pick one key takeaway, it would be that the summit truly engendered a sense of community amongst the attendees.  More than once I heard people chatting about how the atmosphere at the summit was extremely upbeat and every participant was excited about the spa industry.

We’re already looking forward to next year.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Key to Success: A Business Savvy Spa Staff

Spa owners and operators all have their own recipes for business success; however, there are some key ingredients that they can learn from other’s recipes. Last week, while attending the New York Spa Alliance (NYSPA) Annual Symposium, I found myself in a conversation with three spa owners. A key philosophy that soon became the topic of conversation was turning their spa staff into business savvy employees. Denise Dubois, Owner and Operator of Complexions Spa and Salon in Albany, NY, has involved her spa staff in the numbers of her business after realizing her staff was not connecting the impact of their performance and compensation to the overall success of her business.

An easy procedure Denise initiated with her staff is individual meetings where she compares general financial statements (what revenue is coming in and what expenses are being paid out) with statements specific to the staff member’s service and retail revenue versus his or her compensation This operational tactic provides owners the opportunity to key staff in on why certain financial decisions such as pay raises and service price changes are being made.

Additionally, when staff members understand their piece of the puzzle their overall motivation is impacted, especially if owners choose to not only review staffs’ contribution to the bottom line but set goals each month to enhance their performance in terms of service and retail revenue. This concept got me thinking about some of SpaBooker’s top reporting features. Reports regarding Sales and Staff are designed in easy-to-interpret formats that can serve as perfect resources to get staff on board with current financial standings. While we all know a recipe for success calls for a strong staff, I am recommending spa owners and operators substitute this ingredient with a strong, business minded staff for stronger and positive business results.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does Your Online Booking Really Work?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the importance of online booking and there seems to be a general consensus amongst software providers that it’s a vital tool. Here’s a recent article that appeared in American Spa Magazine where many different software companies all tout the need for online booking. It’s all well and good that we can agree that online booking is important, but it raises a much more poignant question – does every online booking engine garner the same results?

Online booking needs to be user friendly and focus on getting the client through the process easily and efficiently. Online booking should be freeing up your time as well with less clients needing to call in order to book their appointments. So far through 2010 across the entire SpaBooker system, roughly 11% of all appointments booked at our partner locations have been done online. More importantly, just over 10% of all searches that have returned available treatments times have resulted in a booking. I know some hotels and airlines that would kill for online conversions that high!

Online booking is a necessary element of a comprehensive web strategy, but only if it actually works. Every business should be critical of online booking and track the metrics in ensure that it's effective.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mutli Location Functionality

One of the best feelings working in sales, is when a prospect comes to you with an issue or a series of issues and you are able to present to them a solution that will not only make their lives easier, but also helps their business grow and thrive.

As a member of the SpaBooker sales team, we are solving issues everyday. One issue that was solved that I am particularly proud of is when Shannon called in from Canada.

The issue Shannon was having was that her software at the time didn't support spas that have multiple locations. In this case, her spa has six locations and their software didn't allow each location to share information. Needless to say, Shannon was not pleased. Who can blame her? If I had to go into each of my locations individually to pull out information, I would not be pleased either.

As someone I know would say "This is quite the laborious task"

Thankfully for Shannon, SpaBooker has a solution for spas that have two, six, or even 100 locations. With SpaBooker's Brand Level functionality, Shannon can now view all of her spa's information, share customers, gift certificates, and reports all with just one login.

Check back next week for another SpaBooker success story!

Quick Payment

Looking for that secret button to enhance the speed and convenience at point-of-sale? The Quick Payment function, in SpaBooker, will cut your checkout process time in half. The power of Quick Payment allows you to take payment from the calendar without having to go through the steps of confirming and checking in a guest. As opposed to Take Payment, Quick Payment also bypasses the steps to Add Products and Services.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Make Mom a Regular!

It’s no secret that Mother’s Day is upon us and most businesses are expecting a full calendar of bookings. But how do you take a day full of ‘special occasion’ visitors and turn them into regular, recurring clients? Too often holidays serve as no more than a one-day increase in reservations as many of the bookings are the result of gifts. Still, you’ve accomplished the hardest part – getting them through the door. Now let SpaBooker help you say thank you and keep them coming back.

Consider creating a post Mother’s Day discount that will encourage your new found customers to return to your location. For those clients that choose to receive emails, SpaBooker automatically sends a ‘Thank You’ email after the appointment is paid and complete. Create a special encouraging repeat bookings and put the details of the special in the body of the Thank You email which is completely customizable.