Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take It Easy - Let SpaBooker Manage Group Buying Promotions for You!

Are you considering using Groupon, Living Social, GiltCity or a similar group buying promotion to drive new business? Are you excited but possibly a little worried that the sheer volume of new customers could be overwhelming? Help is at hand because SpaBooker can help make the process smooth and rewarding from start to finish.

Let’s use Groupon as an example: create a special promotion in SpaBooker that allows Groupon customers to book online and receive their discount automatically. When a new customer books their appointment online, their information and details are saved in the SpaBooker system, allowing you to convert a one-time visitor into a life-long customer.

Additionally, our online booking option will help to move the pressure of hundreds, potentially thousands of new clients off your phone lines, allowing your staff to provide your customers (both new and old) the attention and service they deserve. Some businesses have found that their peak times were being overrun by customers wielding vouchers from flash deal sites, but with SpaBooker, you can hand pick which appointment times are available to these customers, allowing you to drive new business to quieter times during the week.

Because SpaBooker is linked directly to Facebook and Twitter, news of your promotion will spread fast through your social media channels. And to make things even easier, SpaBooker automatically uploads and updates all daily vouchers. This handy feature lets you track customer usage so you can watch your business grow in real-time.

If you’re thinking about running a group buying promotion, let us know by emailing SpaBooker’s online booking and customer tracking tools will help with the heavy lifting.


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