Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spa Insight-Looking at SpaBooker Performance Indicators (SPIs)

Here at SpaBooker, we like to take the time to look at some of the key indicators that impact our clients’ businesses. This invaluable insight allows us to look at how the SpaBooker platform can be used to drive these SPIs and help our clients use them to move their businesses in the right direction. These recent performance indicators are based on aggregate data across almost 1,500 SpaBooker partners over the first half of 2010.

We are seeing an increase in membership programs overall but many businesses have yet to implement one. Membership programs drive more retail business: Businesses without membership programs average 14% retail spend, whereas businesses with programs average over 25%.

Specials and discounts are also popular with our partners’ members. 6% of members used specials available only to them and 8% used generally-available specials. Our suggestion: businesses should create more member-only specials, which in turn will increase the value of membership benefits and sign ups.

Across the board, spa retail revenue as a percentage of total revenue is 8%, which is around the industry average. Across a sample of over 600,000 services tracked on the SpaBooker network, the breakdown by service type was:

We respect the privacy of our partners; therefore SpaBooker only analyzes and publishes data in aggregate. We hope the SPIs mentioned will provide you with insight into the business results of spa and wellness operations around the globe and how SpaBooker is contributing to those results.


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