Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tip Celebrations!

It’s a year since we started the Tuesday Tip. Each week we send out an email to all our partners with a slice of information about how they can enhance their SpaBooker experience. It might be a guide to setting up a popular feature, or the answer to an often-asked support query. Whatever the topic, the Tuesday Tip is opened and enjoyed by our partners all around the world.

The Tuesday Tip this week celebrated its birthday by highlighting how to send birthday emails from SpaBooker. To continue the celebration, the SpaBooker Blog pays homage to the Tuesday Tip by providing some birthday tips of our own.

We recommend you start celebrating clients’ birthdays in three great ways. Each provides a really effective way to drive business and reward your best customers.

1. Happy Birthday specials are easy to set up with just a few steps. Visit System Settings>Specials>Add Special> Follow Steps 4-8. Pay special attention to Step Three, where you will decide how many days before and after the customer’s birthday the special can automatically be applied. When all the steps are complete, select Save.

2. Click here to see the Tuesday Tip’s description of how to send a Happy Birthday email in SpaBooker.

2. If you want to send your clients a more personalized email, use MailChimp to create a birthday template and send an email blast to a custom list. Monthly birthday promotions are great for increasing the frequency of visit. If you’re not using MailChimp already, contact us to find out how to add it to your SpaBooker account.
3.Watch out for those Birthday cupcakes with SpaBooker! In the Details tab of the customer profile, use the Birthday field to record the birth date. SpaBooker will automatically place a cupcake symbol on the appointment and next to the customer’s name prior to and after the actual birthday.

We do love feedback, so if you have topics you’d like to see the Tuesday Tip cover, please let SpaBooker's Partner Success team know.

Happy celebrating,
SpaBooker Blog

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