Monday, July 26, 2010

Want to go viral? SpaBooker makes it much easier than you think

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Social Media Webinar – it was a big success and thanks to everyone for the great feedback. In fact, the average rating of the webinar by our attendees was 4+ stars (out of 5).

If you would like to watch the webinar on social media please click here (~25 minutes).

SpaBooker’s managing director, Daniel Lizio-Katzen, began the webinar by highlighting the size and growth of social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is certainly the most dominant player, but Twitter is growing quickly, with more people and businesses creating Twitter accounts every day. We ran a poll at the start of the Webinar to see just how many attendees were using Facebook and Twitter.

Take a look at the pie-charts below. You’ll see that, as expected, business use is lower than personal use, especially with Twitter. But don’t forget that the best way to promote your business is to have your messages ‘go viral’. That’s literally the spread of the message across friends of friends of friends etc… On Facebook it’s achieved by hitting ‘like’ and on Twitter by retweeting (RT). So, if you use your personal accounts to retweet and like Facebook posts, your friends may pick up on it and in turn pass it on. If their friends do the same, you’re starting to really amplify your message and that’s viral marketing!

During the Q&A, we had some recurring questions that may be useful in optimizing social media networks:

In order to connect my Facebook with other applications such as SpaBooker, where do I find my Facebook ID?

To find your Facebook page ID, simply go to your Facebook page. Next, hover over your profile picture. In the bottom of your browser window, you will find the page address, containing your ID. It will look similar to this:

The number following the equal sign is your ID.

How do I attach incentives such as promotions to people who book directly through Facebook or Twitter?

Using SpaBooker, you follow 6 simple steps to connect promotions with booking links listed on Facebook and Twitter:

1. Click on System Settings

2. Go to the “Specials” link

3. Find the Special you plan to promote

4. Select the “Promote” Link

5. In the window, you will find the short URL to provide for booking. Also, you can create a customized message to accompany the Tweet or posting.

6. Select “Send Now”

7. When a customer clicks the link posted to Facebook and Twitter, he or she will be directed to the booking engine and immediately notified that the promotion has been applied.

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