Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SpaBooker Tuesday Tip: Easily Generate Revenue with Custom Instant Gift Certificates

eCommerce, and specifically the sale of instant printable gift certificates, is such an important element of successful spa, salon, fitness and wellness facility in today’s market. The ability to generate revenue without having to do anything (any action from yourself or your resources) is a great opportunity. Considering this importance, how can you accelerate your instant printable gift certificate sales? We suggest utilizing custom gift certificate templates as an easy way to keep your online gift certificate offerings fresh.

In the SpaBooker System Settings > Gift Certificate Templates, you have the capability to design your own, unique custom gift certificate templates. You can create as many templates as you like and make them as targeted as necessary. Creating specific templates allows you to create new opportunities to sell your gift certificates. A template perhaps for the wedding season, or even a unique template to celebrate July 4th. If you keep the templates creative and make them targeted, your clients will find them timely, relevant, and alluring. An increase in appeal can only result in increased sales with a little work from you.

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