Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gaining Business From Your Walk-in Customers

With customers flying in and out of your business all day, there may be times when it is easier to get your client in and out with as little exchange of information as possible. When these instances arrive, you can skip on the need to match the purchase with a customer name if using SpaBooker, and instead place an order for a Walk-In customer. By using the Walk-In option, you are able to place a new order with a few strikes of the keyboard.

Without needing to have a booked appointment, you can easily start a new order by visiting the Orders Tab > New Order > Walk-in Customer link. Once the order is initiated, you are able to sell products, gift certificates and services. When you arrive to the Enter Payment page, you have the opportunity to enter the customer’s contact information or continue without collecting any client contact information. A one-time only customer still means revenue to you, so visit the Walk-in customer link for a quick and easy check out process.

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