Friday, May 21, 2010

A Key to Success: A Business Savvy Spa Staff

Spa owners and operators all have their own recipes for business success; however, there are some key ingredients that they can learn from other’s recipes. Last week, while attending the New York Spa Alliance (NYSPA) Annual Symposium, I found myself in a conversation with three spa owners. A key philosophy that soon became the topic of conversation was turning their spa staff into business savvy employees. Denise Dubois, Owner and Operator of Complexions Spa and Salon in Albany, NY, has involved her spa staff in the numbers of her business after realizing her staff was not connecting the impact of their performance and compensation to the overall success of her business.

An easy procedure Denise initiated with her staff is individual meetings where she compares general financial statements (what revenue is coming in and what expenses are being paid out) with statements specific to the staff member’s service and retail revenue versus his or her compensation This operational tactic provides owners the opportunity to key staff in on why certain financial decisions such as pay raises and service price changes are being made.

Additionally, when staff members understand their piece of the puzzle their overall motivation is impacted, especially if owners choose to not only review staffs’ contribution to the bottom line but set goals each month to enhance their performance in terms of service and retail revenue. This concept got me thinking about some of SpaBooker’s top reporting features. Reports regarding Sales and Staff are designed in easy-to-interpret formats that can serve as perfect resources to get staff on board with current financial standings. While we all know a recipe for success calls for a strong staff, I am recommending spa owners and operators substitute this ingredient with a strong, business minded staff for stronger and positive business results.


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