Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does Your Online Booking Really Work?

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the importance of online booking and there seems to be a general consensus amongst software providers that it’s a vital tool. Here’s a recent article that appeared in American Spa Magazine where many different software companies all tout the need for online booking. It’s all well and good that we can agree that online booking is important, but it raises a much more poignant question – does every online booking engine garner the same results?

Online booking needs to be user friendly and focus on getting the client through the process easily and efficiently. Online booking should be freeing up your time as well with less clients needing to call in order to book their appointments. So far through 2010 across the entire SpaBooker system, roughly 11% of all appointments booked at our partner locations have been done online. More importantly, just over 10% of all searches that have returned available treatments times have resulted in a booking. I know some hotels and airlines that would kill for online conversions that high!

Online booking is a necessary element of a comprehensive web strategy, but only if it actually works. Every business should be critical of online booking and track the metrics in ensure that it's effective.

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