Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Commission Settings

Payroll and compensation is generally one of the most sensitive, and sometimes complex, parts of a business. As such, SpaBooker has a myriad of different configuration options to help make calculating payroll as easy as possible.  Whether a coupon is applied, an override is used, or a package is booked, there are many features that can change the final price of a service, which can affect your staffs' compensation.

When it comes to how you pay your staff, to make everything work seamlessly, you need to decide how their commissions are calculated. Use the Payroll setting, located under System Settings => Employees => Payroll, to set how you want SpaBooker to determine employee commission. If Original Service Price is selected, commissions will be based on the starting Service price, before any changes. If Final Service Price is selected commissions will be based
on the amount that the customer actually paid your
business for the service.

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